8051 Microcontroller set 6

Que: 51 Which devices are specifically being used for converting serial to parallel and from parallel to serial respectively?
a. timers
b. counters
c. registers
d. serial communication
Que: 52 What is the difference between UART and USART communication?
a. they are the names of the same particular thing, just the difference of A and S is there in it
b. one uses asynchronous means of communication and the other uses synchronous means of communication
c. one uses asynchronous means of communication and the other uses asynchronous and synchronous means of communication
d. one uses angular means of the communication and the other uses linear means of communication
Que: 53 Which of the following best describes the use of framing in asynchronous means of communication?
a. it binds the data properly
b. it tells us about the start and stop of the data to be transmitted or received
c. it is used for error checking
d. it is used for flow control
Que: 54 Which of the following signal control the flow of data?
a. RTS
b. DTR
c. Both of the mentioned
d. None of the mentioned
Que: 55 Which of the following is the logic level understood by the micro-controller/micro-processor?
a. TTL logic level
b. RS232 logic level
c. None of the mentioned
d. Both of the mentioned
Que: 56 What is null modem connection?
a. no data transmission
b. no MAX232
c. the RxD of one is the TxD for the other
d. no serial communication
Que: 57 Which of the following best states the reason that why baud rate is mentioned in serial communication?
a. to know about the no of bits being transmitted per second
b. to make the two devices compatible with each other, so that the transmission becomes easy and error free
c. to use Timer 1
d. for wasting memory
Que: 58 With what frequency UART operates( where f denoted the crystal frequency )?
a. f/12
b. f/32
c. f/144
d. f/384
Que: 59 What is the function of SCON register?
a. to control SBUF and SMOD registers
b. to program the start bit, stop bit, and data bits of framing
c. none of the mentioned
d. both of the mentioned
Que: 60 What should be done if we want to double the baud rate?
a. change a bit of the TMOD register
b. change a bit of the PCON register
c. change a bit of the SCON register
d. change a bit of the SBUF register