Que: A cupboard A has 4 red carpets and 4 blue carpets and a cupboard B has 3 red carpets and 5 blue carpets. A carpet is selected from a cupboard and the carpet is chosen from the selected cupboard such that each carpet in the cupboard is equally likely to be chosen. Cupboards A and B can be selected in \(\frac{1}{5}\) and \(\frac{3}{5}\) ways respectively. Given that a carpet selected in the above process is a blue carpet, find the probability that it came from the cupboard B.

a. \(\frac{2}{5}\)
b. \(\frac{15}{19}\)
c. \(\frac{31}{73}\)
d. \(\frac{4}{9}\)
Answer: \(\frac{15}{19}\)

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