Internet and Protocols set 12

Que: 113. The coding language used to create documents for use on the World Wide Web is ——
a. Extended Markup Language
b. Excellent Marlup Language
c. Extended Marking Links
d. Extra Markup Language
Que: 114. Internet uses
a. Integrated Services Digital Network
b. Integrated Security Data Network
c. Integrated Security Digital Network
d. Integrated Services Data Network
Que: 115. ——— to send and receive electronic mail.
a. HTP
d. FTP
Que: 116. Which of the following is not a type of broadband Internet connection?
a. Circuit switching
b. Telephone switching
c. Packet switching
d. Telex switching
Que: 117. Secret–key encryption is also known as
a. Simple Mail Transfer Protocol
b. Simple Mail Terminal Protocol
c. Simple Mail Transport Protocol
d. Simple Mail Transition Protocol
Que: 118. ——— is the exchange of computer–stored messages by telecommunication.
a. Cable
b. DSL
c. Dial up
d. Satellite
Que: 119. Which of the following is refers to the main page of a website?
a. Private encryption
b. Secret–encryption
c. Asymmetric encryption
d. Symmetric encryption
Que: 120. Buy now–pay now is commonly used for
a. E-num
b. E-web
c. E-mail
d. E-chart
Que: 121. The Internet is a system of
a. Home Page
b. Search page
c. Browser page
d. Bookmark
Que: 122. In which way a host on the internet finds another host?
a. Visa cards
b. Vaults cards
c. Credit cards
d. Debit cards