Internet and Protocols set 13

Que: 123. An educational institution would generally have the following in its domain name.
a. Web page
b. Software bundles
c. Website
d. Interconnected networks
Que: 124. A device needed to communicate with computers using telephone lines is a
a. IP address
b. Protocol
c. URL
d. E-mail
Que: 125. Internet was developed in the
a. .org
b. .edu
c. .com
d. .inst
Que: 126. Who is the founder of Facebook which is currently the no.1 social networking website in India?
a. Disk
b. VDU
c. Modem
d. CPU
Que: 127. A website is a collection of
a. 1950s
b. 1960s
c. 1970s
d. 1980s
Que: 128. www stands for
a. Martin Cooper
b. Mark Zurkerberg
c. Orkut Buycukkokten
d. Bill Gates
Que: 129. A website address is a unique name that identifies a specific _______ on the web.
a. Charts
b. Algorithms
c. Web pages
d. Programs
Que: 130. Which of the following is required to created to internet?
a. World wide web
b. World Wide wizard
c. World wide webulugam
d. World Wide wonder
Que: 131. G–mail belongs to be
a. PDA
b. Web browser
c. Website
d. Line
Que: 132. The last three letters of the domain name describes the type of
a. Link
b. Function Key
c. Browser
d. Search engine