Internet and Protocols set 14

Que: 133. A cookie
a. Great mail
b. Google mail
c. Gopher mail
d. Yahoo mail
Que: 134. IPV4 address is
a. connectivity
b. Organisation(domain name)
c. Prorocol
d. Server
Que: 135. Which of the following is used to browse and search for information on the Internet?
a. Stores the password of the user
b. Stores software developed by the user
c. Stores information about the user’s web activity
d. Stores the commands used by the user
Que: 136. FTP stands for
a. 32 bit
b. 64 bit
c. 128 bit
d. 516 bit
Que: 137. What is URL?
a. Netscape
b. URL
c. FTP
d. Telnet
Que: 138. Which of the following domains is used by profit business?
a. Fast Text Processing
b. Fast Transmission Processor
c. File Transfer Protocol
d. File Transmission Program
Que: 139. Telnet is a
a. A computer program
b. A type of programming object
c. An acronym for unlimited resource for learning
d. The address of a document or ‘page’ on the world wide web
Que: 140. Which among the following is a search engine?
a. .com
b. .edu
c. .in
d. .net
Que: 141. Sending an E–mail similar to
a. Browser
b. Protocol
c. Gateway
d. Search Engine
Que: 142. The vast network of computers that connects millions of people all over the world is called
a. Google
b. Flash
c. Firefox
d. Internet explorer