Internet and Protocols set 17

Que: 163. In an email address, the symbol that is used to separate the user name and the domain name is
a. Ports
b. Gateways
c. Models
d. Protocols
Que: 164. Portion of the computer URL which is the top-level domain is
a. Application Layer
b. Host to Host Laye
c. Network Access Layers
d. Internet Layer
Que: 165. USA defense department initiated the internet in
a. @
b. –
c. #
d. ://
Que: 166. Protocol which is used to access web pages on world wide web is
a. http
b. microsoft
c. www
d. .com
Que: 167. Internet service provider gives you access to
a. 1969
b. 1976
c. 1978
d. 1980
Que: 168. Element used to find information on the world wide web is
a. ethernet
b. gopher
Que: 169. In a computer, the three-character extention that designates a URL as a commercial site is
a. email
b. FTP
c. chat lines
d. all of these
Que: 170. Computer used to store information for users on the internet is called
a. web browser
b. website
c. search engine
d. web server
Que: 171. In a computer, domain name is the text version of
a. .gov
b. .com
c. .org
d. .mill
Que: 172. Online area in which users do written discussions about a particular subject is known as
a. web server
b. web client
c. web application
d. domain name