Internet and Protocols set 18

Que: 173. Standard protocol for the internet is
a. IP address
b. Hyperlink
c. Username
d. web address
Que: 174. Most widely used computer web protocol is
a. email
b. protocol
c. FTP
d. newsgroup
Que: 175. In a computer, DNS stands for
a. TCP
b. IP address
c. IP protocol
Que: 176. In a computer, .com, .edu and .gov are examples of
a. http
c. URL
d. ISP
Que: 177. In a computer, ISP stands for
a. domain name system
b. decimal number system
c. dual number system
d. decimal numeric system
Que: 178. Specialized server found on the internet is
a. top level domain
b. tag
c. protocol
d. email address
Que: 179. Protocol in the URL “” is
a. international service provider
b. internet service provider
c. interlinked services provision
d. intranet’s service party
Que: 180. Software which is used to access the internet is called
a. e-mail server
b. file (htp) server
c. web server
d. all of these
Que: 181. All of the following are modes of a standard graphical FTP client, except
a. www
b. http
c. microsoft
d. .com
Que: 182. All of the following are commonly used file compression utility, except
a. browser
b. packaged
c. spreadsheet