Internet and Protocols set 19

Que: 183. Anonymous file transfer is best used for
a. auto
b. binary
c. GIF
Que: 184. FTP is built on the architecture
a. gzip
c. compress
d. shrinker
Que: 185. UNIX ftp command which is used to list the directory contents of the remote machine is
a. distributing freeware
b. distributing email
c. file compression
d. distributing groupware
Que: 186. If five files are transferred from server A to client B in the same session, number of TCP connections between A and B are
a. client-server
b. P2P
c. IRC
d. IM
Que: 187. FTP server
a. icd
b. cd
c. is
d. dir
Que: 188. Password is sent to the server using command
a. 5
b. 10
c. 2
d. 6
Que: 189. Which of the following is not a valid command to type in to the UNIX ftp prompt?
a. maintain state
b. is stateless
c. has single TCP connection
d. has no TCP connection
Que: 190. Seeds of the internet were planted in
a. paaswd
b. pass
c. password
d. pswrd
Que: 191. Free of cost repair of software bug available in internet is called
a. ?
b. get
c. put
d. pwt
Que: 192. The original ARPANET was shut down in
a. 1969
b. 1970
c. 1960
d. 1980