Internet and Protocols set 20

Que: 193. The internet was originally a project of
a. version
b. ad-on
c. tutorial
d. patch
Que: 194. Link between ARPANET, NSFnet and other networks is called
a. 1990
b. 1995
c. 1980
d. 1970
Que: 195. Another name for email program is
b. NSF
c. NSA
d. ISO
Que: 196. In the web address,, http is the
a. network
b. internet
c. software
d. process
Que: 197. Computer that manages sending and receiving of emails is called
a. internet explorer
b. email client
c. mail server
d. web client
Que: 198. Transferring information from computer to internet is called
a. URL
b. domain name
c. protocol
d. extension
Que: 199. Services on the internet includes
a. mail server
b. web browser
d. outlook
Que: 200. Web browser looks for the uniform resource locator, which is the web site’s
a. downloading
b. down seizing
c. uploading
d. pasting
Que: 201. In the general format of URL, type://address/path, path is the
a. world wide web
b. FTP
c. email
d. all of these
Que: 202. When you send another file with your email message, it is called
a. code
b. file extension
c. address
d. protocol