Internet and Protocols set 21

Que: 203. Portion of the computer URL, which is the domain name is
a. path of the page on the disk of the server
b. path of page to open the software
c. path of the email address to open email
d. path of the server
Que: 204. In the email address [email protected], “me” is the
a. enclosure
b. supplement
c. attachment
d. heavy mail
Que: 205. In the general format of URL, type://address/path, type is the
b. www
c. http
d. ://
Que: 206. Which of the following is not the leading search engine?
a. password
b. server name
c. user name
d. client computer
Que: 207. In a computer, E-mail stands for
a. type of server
b. type of software
c. type of protocol
d. type of client
Que: 208. In a computer, URL stands for
a. Google
b. Yahoo
c. Excite
d. Netscape Navigator
Que: 209. Copying data from internet to computer is called
a. electric-mail
b. electronic mail
c. elective mail
d. elaborated mail
Que: 210. Symbol which separates parts in an email address is
a. Universal Research Limit
b. United Russian Language
c. Universal Resource Locator
d. Uniform Resource Locator
Que: 211. Discussion group which is used to exchange information like science and computer is called
a. uploading
b. downloading
c. transferring
d. pasting
Que: 212. When anyone send mail to your email address, it is stored in a
a. $
b. #
c. @
d. ^