Internet and Protocols set 22

Que: 213. Format of an email address is
a. e-commerce
b. FTP
c. newsgroup
d. chatting
Que: 214. In a computer, general format of URL is
a. URL
b. PC
c. Mailbox
d. hard disk
Que: 215. Programs that are automatically loaded and operated as a part of browser are known as
a. user name# DSN address
b. user name& DSN address
c. user [email protected] DSN address
d. user name$
Que: 216. Website which is used to search other website by typing a keyword is
a. type://address/path/
b. path/address/type
c. address/type/path
d. address/path/type
Que: 217. HTML is derived from
a. utilities
b. plug-ins
c. widgets
d. add-ons
Que: 218. Whenever crawler crawls the website then any page that don’t have a link is called as
a. social network
b. search engine
c. router
d. search page
Que: 219. Which of the following is the valid website address?
a. URL
d. XML
Que: 220. Software which allows user to view the webpage is called
a. dead end page
b. absolute page
c. home page
d. door way page
Que: 221. Language which is used to write animation and games in browser is
a. [email protected]
b. www.compscibits
Que: 222. Programming language in which applets are written is
a. operating system
b. internet browser
c. interpreter
d. website