Internet and Protocols set 23

Que: 223. Programs that automatically connects to website and download documents and save them to local drive, are
a. java
b. C
c. C++
Que: 224. Computer which stores different web pages is called
a. java
b. C
c. C++
d. cobol
Que: 225. In a computer internet, standard IP address is composed of a total of
a. web servers
b. web downloading utilities
c. offline browsers
d. web clients
Que: 226. Internet protocol includes
a. service provider
b. web browser
c. web server
d. web client
Que: 227. Computer can be linked to the internet through the
a. 4 bits
b. 10 bits
c. 2 bits
d. 256 bits
Que: 228. System in a computer which translates an IP address into an easier name is called
a. ethernet
b. ARCnet
d. MAC
Que: 229. All of the following are top-level computer domains except
a. phone-line modem
b. DSL
c. cable modem
d. all of these
Que: 230. In a computer, ARPA stands for
a. packet-switching domain system
b. domain name system
c. domain
d. domain numbering system
Que: 231. Every host computer on the internet has
a. .edu
b. .org
c. .gov
d. .army
Que: 232. In a computer, top-level domain is
a. American Rational Program Association
b. Advanced Residential Programming Association
c. Advanced Research Project Agency
d. Arizona’s Russian Program of Association