Internet and Protocols set 24

Que: 233. Collection of millions of computer interlinked to one another is called
a. similar IP address
b. unique 15-digit number
c. unique IP address
d. common name and number
Que: 234. Internet differentiates one computer from another through
a. http
b. com
d. URL
Que: 235. In a computer, TCP/IP stands for
a. interlink
b. internet
c. collection
d. group
Que: 236. To configure dial-up networks with windows XP, applet used is
a. architecture
b. manufacturer
c. IP address
d. extension
Que: 237. Protocol which assigns IP address to the client connected in the internet is
a. transmission control protocol/internet protocol
b. transfer collector protocol/international protocol
c. transitional covered protocol/intranet protocol
d. transferred collected protocol/internet protocol
Que: 238. In computer, FTP stands for
a. network and internet connection
b. network neighborhood
c. internet connection sharing
d. remote assistance
Que: 239. In a computer, the ITU was formely known as
b. IP
c. RPC
Que: 240. Which of the following is a governing body to approve the computer network standards?
a. file transfer protocol
b. finding tele path
c. finis tele program
d. file transfer process
Que: 241. Element of a computer protocol which specifies the signal level to be used and format the data which is to be send is
b. ISO
c. IBM
d. SNA
Que: 242. Protocol that enables user to transfer data between computers that have different architectures and operating system is known as
b. EIA
d. all of these