Internet and Protocols set 25

Que: 243. In computer, FTP facility is used to
a. syntax
b. semantic
c. timing
d. format
Que: 244. A device which is used to connect two computers via an ordinary telephone line is
b. DoD
c. PDN
Que: 245. Collection of related computer web pages is called
a. transfer protocol
b. transfer file
c. connect to internet
d. check PC
Que: 246. Arrangement among different parts of computer network is represented by
a. ethernet card
b. graphic card
c. modem
d. spend card
Que: 247. Which of the following is a computer LAN protocol?
a. uploading
b. website
c. downloading
d. linking
Que: 248. Transferring information from a computer to the internet is called
a. protocol
b. topology
c. node
d. transistor
Que: 249. In computer, committee structure of IEEE is numbered like a
a. ethernet
b. token ring
c. ARCnet
d. all of these
Que: 250. Services of internet includes
a. downloading
b. down seizing
c. uploading
d. pasting
Que: 251. All of the given below are application layer protocol used in internet,except
a. decimal system
b. binary system
c. analog system
d. digital system
Que: 252. Element of a computer protocol specifies the information structure needed for coordination among machines and for data handling is
a. world wide web
b. FTP
c. e-mail
d. all of these