Internet and Protocols set 27

Que: 263. Web crawler is also known as
a. yahoo
b. bing
c. google
d. baidu
Que: 264. Search results are generally presented in a line of results often referred as
a. search video
b. search documents
c. download softwares
d. all of these
Que: 265. Search engines maintain heavy database of
a. link directory
b. search optimizer
c. web spider
d. web manager
Que: 266. We can get the list of sites after typing a word in search bar called
a. tag list
b. search engine results pages
c. search engine pages
d. category list
Que: 267. Web search engines stores information about many web pages with the help of
a. keywords
b. URLs
c. web pages
d. all of these
Que: 268. Software system which is designed to search for information on the world wide web, is known as
a. directory
b. single word
c. key phrase
d. sentence
Que: 269. Paid advertisement in the form of a hypertext link that shows up on search result pages, is
a. web indexer
b. web crawler
c. web organizer
d. web router
Que: 270. Query parameters are written usually after the symbol
a. web site
b. search engine
c. social network
d. search page
Que: 271. Symbol which is written immediately after mail to keyword in href attribute of anchor tag is
a. sponsored link
b. nonsponsored link
c. hypertext link
d. paid link
Que: 272. We can include default subject heading and body text by passing query parameter(s) separated by the symbol
a. comma
b. colon
c. question mark
d. ampersand