Internet and Protocols set 28

Que: 273. In HTML, if we need to send the email then href attribute of anchor tag starts with a keyword
a. semicolon
b. hash
c. colon
d. comma
Que: 274. ARPANET stands for?
a. comma
b. colon
c. question mark
d. ampersand
Que: 275. Internet can help you find the shortest route.
a. email
b. mailto
c. mail
d. .com
Que: 276. In this technique, there is no direct contact between users and their programs during execution.
a. Advanced Research Project Agency Network
b. Advanced Research Programmed Auto Network
c. Advanced Research Project Automatic Network
d. Advanced Research Project Authorized Network
Que: 277. A technique that marked the beginning of computer communications.
c. May be
d. Can’t say
Que: 278. A type of technique in which dumb terminals are connected to a central computer system.
a. Time Sharing
b. Batch Processing
c. System Processing
d. Message Passing
Que: 279. TCP stands for?
a. Batch Environment
b. Message passing
c. User Environment
d. Time Sharing
Que: 280. The “Victorian internet” is actually?
a. Time Sharing
b. Message passing
c. Batch environment
d. User environment
Que: 281. Packet switching was invented in?
a. Transmission control program
b. Transmission control protocol
c. Transfer control program
d. Transfer control protocol
Que: 282. DARPA stands for?
a. Telegraph
b. Batch Environment
c. Unit Environment
d. System Environment