Internet and Protocols set 29

Que: 303. A tag similar to that of the italic tag.
a. markup
b. style
c. body
d. head
Que: 304. A _________ partitions a web browser window so that multiple web documents can be displayed simultaneously.
a. body
b. title
c. head
d. style
Que: 305. The _________ attribute specifies the web page to be placed in the frame initially.
Que: 306. XML stands for?
a. Frame
b. set
c. Frameset
d. div
Que: 307. AAA stands for Anonymous Administrative Authority.
a. name
b. src
c. cols
d. rows
Que: 308. API is?
a. Extensions Made Language
b. Extensible Markup Language
c. Extensible Major Language
d. Extensible Minor Language
Que: 309. GSM stands for?
c. May be
d. Can't say
Que: 310. IN stands for?
a. Advanced Processing Information
b. Application Processing Information
c. Application Programming interface
d. Application Processing Interface
Que: 311. PDU stands for?
a. Global System for Monitoring
b. Graphical System for Mobile Telecommunications
c. Graphical System for Monitoring
d. Global System for Mobile Telecommunications
Que: 312. A tag similar to that of the bold tag.
a. Input
b. InterNet
c. Intelligent Network
d. IntraNet