Internet and Protocols set 30

Que: 313. ISP is?
a. Protocol Data Unit
b. Professional Data Unit
c. Protocol Distributed Unit
d. Professional Distributed Unit
Que: 314. NE stands for __________ element.
Que: 315. Basic ideas of ARPANET for interconnected computers resulted in evolution of
a. Intranet System Processing
b. Internet Service Provider
c. Intelligent System Processing
d. Intranet Service Provider
Que: 316. Internet has its roots in the
a. name
b. network
c. new
d. normal
Que: 317. A network of networks, addresses
a. Intranet
b. Ethernet
c. Usenet
d. Internet
Que: 318. Multimedia computer system requires
a. Usenet system
b. Intranet system
c. ARPRANET system
d. Cengage system
Que: 319. Best example of an internetwork is
a. Bus network
b. Star network
c. Internet
d. Intranet
Que: 320. Wireless computing system includes
a. Fast CPU
b. Small main memory
c. Moderate graphic terminals
d. No I/O devices
Que: 321. Configuration in which many independent computer systems are connected by a communication network, is
a. Mainframes
b. Distributed networks
c. Internet
d. Multimedia network
Que: 322. To integrate two or more types of media for its transformation is capability of
a. Fixed wireless systems
b. Variable wireless systems
c. Mobile wireless systems
d. Both a and c