Internet and Protocols set 31

Que: 323. Wireless systems that support mobility of computing equipment associated with wireless network is known to be
a. Distributed computing system
b. Parallel computing system
c. Concurrent computing system
d. Network computing system
Que: 324. Manipulation of multimedia information is possible with
a. Parallel computing system
b. Distributed computing system
c. Multimedia computing system
d. Devised computing system
Que: 325. Conversion of a digital signal to an analog signal form is done through
a. Variable wireless systems
b. Fixed wireless systems
c. Constant wireless systems
d. Mobile wireless systems
Que: 326. Services provided by data transmission are often known as
a. Multi-user computer systems
b. Multimedia computer systems
c. Multitasking computer systems
d. Multiprogramming computer systems
Que: 327. Modes of data transmission on a communication line are said to be
a. Definition
b. Declaration
c. Modulation
d. Modification
Que: 328. An internet user is allowed to move a file from one computer to another by method of
a. Data carriers
b. Model carriers
c. Common carriers
d. Channel carriers
Que: 329. Process of converting an analog signal to digital signal is known as
a. Sequential and direct
b. Sequential and Random
c. Synchronous and Collating
d. Synchronous and Asynchronous
Que: 330. An internet user can log into another computer somewhere on internet by service of
a. File share protocol
b. File transfer protocol
c. File storage protocol
d. File process protocol
Que: 331. Enabling a number of independent signals to be transmitted on multiple logical channels is process of
a. Demodification
b. Demodulation
c. Demonetization
d. Delinearization
Que: 332. Process of modulation and demodulation is carried out by
a. Usenet service
b. Processnet service
c. Technet service
d. Telnet service