Internet and Protocols set 32

Que: 333. Type of services provided by internet can be mainly classified into
a. Internetworking
b. Multiplexing
c. Modulation
d. Demodulation
Que: 334. World Wide Web (WWW) was settled off in
a. Hub
b. Backbone
c. Router
d. Modem
Que: 335. Address of a file accessible on internet is defined by its
a. Two types
b. Three types
c. Four types
d. Five types
Que: 336. A domain name defined in a URL is used to identify a specific
a. 1980
b. 1983
c. 1986
d. 1989
Que: 337. Starting World Wide Web file of a website is known to be
a. Transmission medium
b. Transfer protocol
c. Uniform resource locator
d. Site server
Que: 338. While addressing, type of a resource is dependent on
a. Index in a webpage
b. Locators on a server
c. Pathname in a site
d. Computer on the internet
Que: 339. Collection of World Wide Web (WWW) files in a relatable format is called
a. Home page
b. Current page
c. Indexed page
d. Address page
a. Application protocol
b. Indexed location
c. Browser user
d. Resource Path
a. Pathfiles
b. Domain
c. Website
d. Uniform resource