Internet and Protocols set 4

Que: 33. Which of the following is the correct chronology of internet based facilities?
a. IP
b. UDP
Que: 34. Who is the founder of Facebook?
a. CD
b. USB
c. Network
d. None of the above
Que: 35. Which one of the following is not a Web Browser?
a. Google, Hotmail, Facebook, whatsapp
b. Facebook, Google, Hotmail, Whatsapp
c. Hotmail, Google, Facebook, Whatsapp
d. Hotmail, Facebook, Google, Whatsapp
Que: 36. What is the full form of PDF in the context of computer file system?
a. Glen Recort
b. Tim Berners Le
c. Allen Turing
d. Mark Zuckerberg
Que: 37. A social networking service offered by Google Inc.
a. Internet Explorer
b. MS Office
c. Safari
d. Mozilla Firefox
Que: 38. ISP stands for
a. Personalised Data Format
b. Pixel Digital File
c. Pictured Data Format
d. Portable Document Format
Que: 39. Which of the following is not a component of networking?
a. Facebook
b. Google+
c. Twitter
d. Instagram
Que: 40. The extensions .gov,.edu,.nic ,and .net are called as
a. International Server Protocol
b. Internal Storage Protocol
c. Internet Service Provider
d. Internet Storage Provider
Que: 41. URL stands for:
a. Hubs
b. Motherboard
c. Routers
d. Switches
Que: 42. Which is an instant messenger that is used for chatting?
a. Mail addresses
b. DNSs
c. Domain codes
d. Email targets