Internet and Protocols set 5

Que: 43. Commercial messages on the net are identified as
a. Uniform Resource Loader
b. Uniform Research Locator
c. Uniform Research Loader
d. Uniform Resource Locator
Que: 44. Manuel Castelle was the first to use the term
a. Google Talk
b. AltaVista
c. MAC
d. Microsoft Office
Que: 45. GIF stands for
a. Net ads
b. Internet commercials
c. Webmercials
d. Viral advertisements
Que: 46. Which one of the following is not a search engine ?
a. Internet society
b. Electronic society
c. Network society
d. Telematic society
Que: 47. The Internet is a system of …………..
a. Global Information Format
b. Graphics Information Format
c. Graphics Interchange File
d. Graphics Interchange Format
Que: 48. What is the full form of URL ?
a. Google
b. Chrome
c. Yahoo
d. Bing
Que: 49. The Internet is an example of a …………… network.
a. Software bundles
b. Web page
c. Web site
d. Interconnected Networks
Que: 50. The Internet was originally a project for this government agency.
a. Uniform Reverse Location
b. Universal Resolution Location
c. Uniform Resource Locator
d. United Resource Locator
Que: 51. In internet terminology IP means
a. ring
b. bus
c. hybrid
d. mesh
Que: 52. Its main purpose is to prohibit unauthorized access to your computer via the Internet.
b. NSF
c. NSA
d. None of these