Internet and Protocols set 7

Que: 63. Websites used for building network with friends and relatives is called as ________.
a. www
c. Browser
d. URL
Que: 64. Websites used to sell and buy something are categorized under __________.
a. Downloading
b. Refreshing
c. Browsing
d. Uploading
Que: 65. Google is an example of ___________.
a. E Commerce
b. Net Banking
c. Social Networking
d. Blogging
Que: 66. Which of the following is example of micro blogging ?
a. Search Engines
b. E-Commerce Website
c. Social Networking Sites
d. Entertainment Sites
Que: 67. Which of the following is not used as blogging platform ?
a. Entertainment
b. Search Engine
c. Social Network
d. None of these
Que: 68. Search engine optimization is the process of ___________ of a website or a web page in a search engine’s search results.
a. Tweeter
b. Orkut
c. Facebook
d. Google +
Que: 69. SEO is to improve the volume and ___________ to a web site from search engines.
a. Pinterest
b. Blogger
c. WordPress
d. TypePad
Que: 70. ______ is the process of fetching all the web pages linked to a web site.
a. Generating Cached Files
b. Affecting the visibility
c. Getting Meta Tags
d. None of these
Que: 71. Task of Crawling is performed by a complex software which is called as __________.
a. Look and Feel
b. Quality of traffic
c. Advertisement
d. None of these
Que: 72. Websites fetched by crawler are indexed and kept in huge database, this process is called as __________.
a. Crawling
b. Processing
c. Calculating Relevancy
d. Indexing