Internet and Protocols set 8

Que: 73. Which of the following are types of SEO ?
a. Boat
b. Crawler
c. Spider
d. All of these
Que: 74. Serving different version of a page to search engine and to human visitors is called ________ SEO.
a. Indexing
b. Optimizing
c. Crawling
d. None of these
Que: 75. Writing Repeating keywords in the Meta tags and unrelated keywords is called _____________.
a. On Page and Front Page SEO
b. Off Page SEO
c. On Page and Off Page SEO
d. Front Page SEO
Que: 76. Calculated placement of keywords in page to increase density of keywords is called _________.
a. Cloaking
b. Fooling
c. Tapping
d. None of these
Que: 77. Which of the following are the ways of Optimizing the images ?
a. Meta tag Stuffing
b. Meta Tag Hijacking
c. Meta tag Cloaking
d. None of these
Que: 78. Which of the following is illegal way of SEO ?
a. Keyword Cloacking
b. Keyword Stuffing
c. Keyword Hijacking
d. None of these
Que: 79. Another name of internet is __________.
a. Minimizing the size of Image
b. Hosting images on Subdomains
c. Writing alt tags
d. All of these
Que: 80. Who is the father of Internet ?
a. Link Building
b. Writing Meta Tags
c. Creating doorway Pages
d. None of these
Que: 81. Who is the founder of the Internet?
a. Virtual Space
b. Data Space
c. Information Space
d. Cyber Space
Que: 82. Who invented world wide web ?
a. Vint Cerf
b. Tim Berners Lee
c. Charles Babbage
d. None of these