Mathematical Functions and Expressions set 16

Que.The default variable in case of solve(‘f(x,y,p,a,l)’) command is __________
a. x
b. Variables near to x
c. Variables away from x
d. No default variable
Que.What is the default parameter for dsolve() command?
a. t
b. No default parameter
c. Input differentiating variable
d. Defined input parameter
Que.What is the default parameter for the ztrans() command?
a. z
b. w
c. s
d. no default parameter
Que.What is the output of the following code?
syms t; laplace(exp(-3*t),y)

a. Error
b. 1/(3+s)
c. 1/(3+y)
d. 1/(3+js)
Que.The default variable, to which the result of any computation.
a. True
b. False
c. May be True or False
d. Can’t say
Que.Butterworth and Low pass filters use _________
a. IIR and FIR Design
b. FIR and IIR Design
c. FIR Design
d. IIR Design
Que.The result of the following code is

a. Returns a 3-point D.T.F.T.
b. Returns a N-point D.T.F.T.
c. Returns a 3-point D.F.T.
d. Error
Que.The below command will give

a. D,F,T after taking a truncated input
b. Yield a 2-point D.F.T.
c. Uses the Butterfly algorithm
d. Error
Que.The fir1 command can be used to find _____________
a. High Pass Filters using IIR method
b. Low Pass Filters FIR method
c. Filters using Window Method
d. FIR filters using Window Method
Que.The multiplication of two signal in time domain signifies _______
a. Convolution in time domain
b. Convolution in frequency (jw) domain
c. Multiplication in frequency (jw) domain
d. Nothing