Mathematical Functions and Expressions set 17

Que.The window function is used to __________
a. multiply it with the incoming signal
b. add it with the incoming signal
c. subtract it from the incoming signal
d. divide the incoming signal
Que.The output of the following codes are
i fft([1,2],2,2)
ii. fft([1,2],2)

a. same
b. different
c. i will give error
d. ii will give error
Que.The butter() command takes in ________
a. Stopband attenuation
b. Order of the filter
c. Ripple frequency
d. Nothing
Que.The blackmann(N) command returns a ___________
a. N-point periodic blackmann window
b. N+1-point periodic blackmann window
c. N+1-point periodic blackmann window
d. N-point symmetric blackmann window
Que.The result of the following command is

a. Error
b. A 32 point symmetric Hamming Window
c. A 33 point periodic Hamming Window
d. A 33 point Hamming Window
Que.fft2 returns _________
a. a 2-d matrix
b. a 2-d D.F.T
c. a vector
d. No such command
Que.What is the function of the unwarp command?
a. Generate smoother phase plots
b. Generate smoother gain plots
c. Generate smoother root locus
d. No such command
Que.The default tolerance of the unwarp() function is ________
a. pi
b. 2*pi
c. pi/2
d. 0
Que.The hamming command returns a ___________
a. matrix
b. row vector
c. column vector
d. no such command
Que.What is the value of N while creating a 27 point Hamming window?
a. 28
b. 26
c. 14
d. 13