Mathematical Functions and Expressions set 21

Que.A sparse identity matrix is generated by the ______ command.
a. sparseid
b. isparse
c. speye
d. idensparse
Que.What is the command used to generate a sparse normally generated matrix?
a. sparserndn
b. sprandom
c. sprandn
d. no such command
Que.What is the output of the following code?
A=[1 2 0 3; 2 8 4 1; sin(Inf) 2 3 4];
P=sparse(A); nnz(P)

a. 11
b. 10
c. Error while declaring A
d. Error while making sparse matrix
Que.The non-zero elements in a sparse matrix are shown by the ______ command.
a. nzeros
b. nonzeros
c. notzeros
d. nozero
Que.What is the output of the following code?
A=[0 Inf/Inf 0 0; 2 9 7 0; sin(Inf) 8 0 0];
P=sparse(A);q=nmz(p); L=full(P);

a. l = a
b. l memory > a memory
c. l memory < a memory
d. l memory != a memory
Que.The size of the sparse matrix will be ___ the original matrix.
a. equal
b. greater than
c. less than
d. not equal to
Que.The maximum space allocated for sparse matrices is given by the ____ command.
a. maxsparse
b. sparsemax
c. nzmax
d. no such command
Que.The output of the following command is
a=[1 2 3;4 0 0;3 0 9]; spy(A)

a. a graph of sparsity
b. a pattern of sparsity
c. syntactical error
d. logical error
Que.The output of the following code is:
a=[pi/2 pi 3*pi]; spy[a]

a. Suppressed output
b. A pattern of sparsity
c. Syntactical error
d. Symbolic error
Que.The spy command takes in multiple matrices.
a. True
b. False
c. May be True or False
d. Can’t say