MATLAB Basics set 13

Que.This is the output of scope1. What is the transfer function1?
a. z/(z-1)²
b. z²/(z-1)²
c. A parabola
d. A impulse function
Que.The Discrete Transfer Fcn1 is using a ramp function.
a. True
b. False
c. May be True or False
d. Can’t Say
Que.What will be seen in the scope?
a. A ramp function
b. A step function
c. A parabola
d. A hyperbola
Que.MATLAB stands for?
a. matrix laboratory
b. math library
c. matric library
d. matrix library
Que.Which command is used to clear a command window?
a. clear
b. close all
c. clc
d. clear all
Que.To determine whether an input is MATLAB keyword, command is?
a. iskeyword
b. key word
c. inputword
d. isvarname
Que.Command used to display the value of variable x.
a. displayx
b. disp(x)
c. disp x
d. vardisp(‘x’)
Que.Which of the following statements shows the result of executing the following line in the editor window?
size = [1 3]’        ;


a. error
b. 1 3
c. 3 1
d. 3 3
Que.Executing in the command window the following code returns.
a = [1:3]’ ;

a. error message
b. 1 3
c. 3 1
d. 31
Que.Command is used to save command window text to file.
a. saveas
b. texttofile
c. diary
d. todiary
Que.Executing in the editor window the following code returns.
a = 1; sin(a) a = 2;

a. 0.4815
b. 0.8415
c. 1
d. 0.9093
Que.To stop the execution of a MATLAB command, used keys?
a. ctrl+c
b. ctrl+s
c. ctrl+b
d. ctrl+enter

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