MATLAB Basics set 14

Que.Which is the invalid variable name in MATLAB?
a. x6
b. last
c. 6x
d. z
Que.What is the difference between syms ‘x’ and sym ‘x’?
a. there is no difference, they are the same functions
b. they are equivalent
c. syms ‘x’ makes the declaration long lasting while sym ‘x’ makes the declaration short lasting
d. syms ‘x’ makes the symbol short lasting while sym ‘x’ makes the declaration long lasting
Que.What is the nature of the arrangement of the coefficients to store the following expression in MATLAB?
y= 3x
Que.How would you simplify log(x²
Que.What happens if we don’t assign a variable to an expression which evaluates a numerical value?
a. MATLAB shows error
b. Nothing happens
c. The evaluated values are assigned to a variable ans automatically
d. Depends on the numerical value
Que.MATLAB sees a ________ ordered variable as a vector of dimension n*1.
a. n
Que.Name the functions used, for multiplication and division of two polynomials in MATLAB.
a. conv() and deconv()
b. mult() and div()
c. conv() and div()
d. mult and div
Que.How can the formulation of polynomial be done from its roots?
a. poly(r), r is a row vector, containing the roots of the polynomial
b. poly([roots as a coloumn vector])
c. poly([roots as a row vector])
d. poly([roots in descending order as a coloumn vector])
Que.The function to evaluate the value of a polynomial,l for a constant value of the independent variable(say a) in the polynomial is ______
a. poly(p,a), p is a row vector
b. polyder(p)
c. polyint(p)
d. polyval(c,a), c is a row vector
Que.What will be the output when the following code is written in MATLAB?

a. u and v are double with 8 bytes
b. u and v are symbolic objects
c. error
d. u and v are double arrays
Que.What is the disadvantage of the whos function in MATLAB?
a. It does not show the values of the variable
b. It does not show the size of the variable
c. It does not show the class of the variable
d. It does not show the name of the variable
Que.What will be the output of the following code?
A=100; if(A>99) clear A; end

a. A never gets stored in MATLAB
b. A is first stored and then removed from workspace
c. Error
d. A is retained in the workspace
Que.What is the replacement for the whos function?
a. Workspace window
b. Command window
c. Current folder window
d. Remembering all the variables used

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