MATLAB Basics set 23

Que.To bring the scale of each axis to logarithmically spaced, the student entered ‘semilogx()’. What really happened?
a. The plot will appear with both axis now logarithmically spaced
b. semilogx() is an invalid function
c. The plot will appear with x axis logarithmically spaced
d. Error
Que.After trying to plot a pie-chart, the student finds that the function he used is rose(). What is the nature of data used by the student if an output graph is generated?
a. Angles in radians
b. Linear bivariate
c. Logarithmic
d. This is not possible in MATLAB
Que.To place a text on the plot using a mouse, the command used is _________
a. gtext
b. text
c. title()
d. atext
Que.What is the condition on x in bar(x,y)?
a. No condition as such
b. Should change linearly
c. Should increase of decrease monotonously
d. Incomprehensible
Que.If we put bar(x,y,1.2), we will get _____ bars.
a. Uniform
b. Damped
c. Overlapping
d. No
Que.A student has to plot a graph of f(x)=t and g(y)=t in the same graph, with t as a parameter. The function he uses is ____
a. plot3(x,y,t)
b. plot(x,y,t)
c. disp
d. stem(x,y)
Que.To exhibit time-series or spatial-series data, what kind of diagrams are suitable?
a. Pie-bar
b. Pie-chart
c. Ratio-chart
d. Bar-diagram
Que.What is the output of the following line of code?

a. Error
b. Sliced pie chart
c. Pie-chart
d. Labelled Pie chart
Que.What is the difference between primary and secondary data in statistics?
a. No difference
b. The former is collected from the field of the investigation while the latter is collected from a separate entity
c. The first set of data received is Primary data while the next set is secondary data
d. The important data is primary data while the lesser important data is secondary data
Que.The nature of data while using pie plots is ___________ data.
a. Discrete
b. Continuous
c. Polar
d. Time-series