MATLAB Basics set 24

Que.What would you use to show comparisons of profit of 3 industries over 3 quarters?
a. Histogram plot
b. Bar plot
c. Bode plot
d. Frequency plot
Que.What is the difference between stem plot and histogram plot?
a. No difference
b. Histogram does not have negative values while stem may have negative values
c. Histogram cannot relate 3 variable while stem can
d. Histogram cannot be created in MATLAB
Que.To display the partnership of 3 batsman with one batsman, one uses _________
a. Bar-graph
b. Histogram
c. Pie plot
d. Cannot be displayed
Que.To display the runs scored by a batsman towards different directions in a field, one uses
a. Bar graph
b. Angle histogram
c. Histogram
d. No graph is suitable
Que.A cubic system can be represented using the function ____
a. plot3
b. stem()
c. display
d. legend
Que.To specify different curves in an angle histogram plot, we use the _________ function.
a. legend
b. display
c. gtext()
d. mtext
Que.A student has created a plot of y(t)=t². He is need to show another graph of z(t)=t³ in the same plot. But every time he hits the plot() function- MATLAB generates a plot of z(t) vs t but on a different window. What is the error?
a. It is not possible to plot multiple plots
b. He is not using the line function
c. Maybe he is using stem() instead of plot()
d. He is not using the hold function
Que.Does the plot function take multiple arguments to a plot?
a. True
b. False
c. Sometimes
d. Only if the functions are in time domain
Que.What happens if we don’t stop the implementation of the hold function?
a. Nothing happens
b. MATLAB keeps on generating multiple plots in the same window
c. Error is generated
d. Plot function won’t work
Que.Is histogram a kind of multiple plots?
a. True
b. False
c. Cannot be determined
d. There is no such thing called Histogram