MATLAB Basics set 3

Que.What is the output for the following code?
if(a>b) p=9;

a. No output
b. Never will there be an output
c. a, b, p are not initialized
d. p=9
Que.What is the output of the following code?

a. P = 1
b. P = .8932
c. P = .99999
d. Error
Que.What is the output of the following code?

a. Opens command prompt
b. Opens command prompt in a separate window
c. Opens command prompt in MATLAB
d. Error
Que.Why is the output, as shown, ‘poe’?
>>clipboard(‘paste’, ‘Do re Mi fa’)
ans =

a. ‘poe’ was initially in the clipboard
b. Cannot be determined
c. Error
d. The text gets changed
Que.What is the output of the following code?
clipboard('cut','Do re Mi fa')

a. Error due to syntax
b. Error due to command
c. Error due to cut
d. Cuts the portion of a text where ‘Do re Mi fa’ is written
Que.What kind of a plot is this?
a. Polar plot
b. Cartesian plot
c. Complex plot
d. Not a MATLAB plotting
Que.Which functions help you to save and load variables?
a. >> save Lays [a,b]>> load(‘myfile.mat’)
b. >> save Lays {a b}>> load myfile.mat
c. >> save Lays “a,b”>> load(myfile.mat)
d. >> save Lays a b>> load(‘myfile.mat’)
Que.To add comments in MATLAB, use _________
a. //
b. %/
c. /%
d. %
Que.To display comments of M-file, we use ____________
a. echo on
b. comment on
c. show %
d. Cannot be displayed
Que.Where do we need to store a function to call it in other programs?
a. The bin folder
b. Anywhere
c. The MATLAB folder
d. Desktop