Microcontroller set 11

Que: 101. To latch in information at the data pins of the LCD, we send
a. H-L pulse at the E pin
b. L-H pulse at the E pin
c. A constant H pulse at the E pin
d. A constant L pulse at the E pin
Que: 102. What is the function of the 0x06 command?
a. to clear the LCD
b. to blink the cursor
c. to shift the cursor to the right
d. for selecting the matrix
Que: 103. What is the address of the second column and the second row of the 2*20 LCD?
a. 0x80
b. 0x81
c. 0xc0
d. 0xc1
Que: 104. Which of the following commands takes more than 100 microseconds to run?
a. shift cursor left
b. shift cursor right
c. set address location of the DDRAM
d. clear screen
Que: 105. For selecting the data pins in a LCD, RS pin should be
a. 1
b. 0
c. F
d. 10
Que: 106. In reading the columns of a keyboard matrix, when no key is pressed then all the pins show
a. 0
b. 1
c. F
d. 7
Que: 107. To see if any key is pressed, all rows are grounded.
c. can’t be said
d. depends on the conditions
Que: 108. Identify the row and the column for the following case when for the row D3-D0= 1110 and for the column D3-D0= 1101
a. first row and second column
b. first row and third column
c. second row and first column
d. second row and second column
Que: 109. What are the actual steps that are followed in identifying any key that is being pressed?
a. wait for the debounce time
b. identify the key that is pressed
c. initially no key should be pressed
d. all of the mentioned
Que: 110. To identify that the key is present in which row and the column
a. we ground the bits of the row one by one
b. we ground the bits of the column one by one
c. we connect the bits of the row to the logic level 1 one by one
d. we can connect the columns to the logic level 1 one by one