Microcontroller set 14

Que: 131. 8255 has handshaking capability?
a. yes
b. no
c. can’t be said
d. depends on the conditions
Que: 132. The 8255 can be programmed in any of the
a. 2 modes
b. 3 modes
c. 4 modes
d. 5 modes
Que: 133. RTC is used for
a. conversion
b. communication
c. real time and clock measurement
d. memory management
Que: 134. RTC chips use______to compute time, date when the power is off.
a. ac supply
b. generators
c. rectifiers
d. battery
Que: 135. DS12887 is known for as a
a. Communication device
b. Good battery device
c. RTC chip
d. All of the mentioned
Que: 136. DS1307 is a parallel RTC with I2C bus.
c. can’t be said
d. depends on the conditions
Que: 137. DS1307 is a _______ pin IC and operates on_______ clock frequency.
a. 16, 8Mhz
b. 8, 16Mhz
c. 16, 32Mhz
d. 8, 32Mhz
Que: 138. Vbat requires a positive signal of
a. 3V
b. 5V
c. 9V
d. 12V
Que: 139. SQW(pin no 7) is an
a. input pin
b. output pin
c. i/o pin
d. none of the mentioned
Que: 140. DS1307 has a total of _______ bytes of RAM space?
a. 32
b. 64
c. 128
d. 256