Microcontroller set 22

Que: 222. The only clock that runs in the LPM3 is the
c. CLK
d. None of the mentioned
Que: 223. Which of the following functions is not related to port P1?
a. P1SEL
b. P1DIR
c. P1IES
d. All of the mentioned
Que: 224. A pull-up or pull-down resistor
a. removes the full output drive on the output pin
b. gives only a feeble current through the pull-up to resistor
c. both of the mentioned
d. none of the mentioned
Que: 225. P1.3 is the
a. input CCI1A to Timer_A
b. is connected to the voltage reference VREF of SD16_A
c. is output TA0 from Timer_A
d. are digital inputs with pull-up resistors
Que: 226. What actually is SD16_A?
a. it is an interrupt
b. it is a timer
c. it is an analog to Digital Converter
d. it is a serial communication module
Que: 227. P1IE and P1IES are registers that are used to
a. control the Port1 digital i/o ports
b. control the Port1 interrupts
c. control the Port1 serial communication interfaces
d. all of the mentioned
Que: 228. Unused pins must never be left unconnected in their default state as inputs.
c. can’t be said
d. depends on the conditions
Que: 229. Which of the following is an effect of a Schmidt trigger?
a. it turns slowly varying inputs, which might cause problems while they pass slowly through the undefined range of input voltages, into abrupt, clean logical transitions
b. It eliminates the effect of noise on the input, provided that it is not large enough to span the gap between the upward and downward thresholds
c. none of the mentioned
d. all of the mentioned
Que: 230. To ensure that a negative fluctuation does not trigger an unwanted downward transition by pulling the input down through VIT−, we must choose
a. minimum hysteresis
b. maximum hysteresis
c. all of the mentioned
d. none of the mentioned
Que: 231. The SPDT switch can be used as a
a. detecting circuit
b. debouncing circuit
c. devaluing circuit
d. dejunerrating circuit