Microcontroller set 30

Que: 302. The main operations that are basically performed in a SAR ADC are?
a. logic to control the operation
b. some way of generating the voltages, for comparison
c. both of the mentioned
d. none of the mentioned
Que: 303. Usually a capacitor is inserted between an analog input and the ground because
a. it blocks the analog voltage
b. it suppresses the noise
c. it increases the gain
d. none of the mentioned
Que: 304. ADC10 and ADC12 are
a. The converters
b. SAR modules available in the MSP430
c. Sigma delta modules available in the MSP430
d. Comparator modules available in the MSP430
Que: 305. ADC10 needs external capacitors on its voltage reference.
c. can’t be said
d. depends on the conditions
Que: 306. ADC10CTL0 and ADC10CTL1 are registers
a. for controlling SAR module
b. for controlling the sigma delta module
c. for controlling the comparator module
d. all of the mentioned
Que: 307. While conversion is in progress, which of the flag is affected.
a. ADC10ON
d. ADC10DF
Que: 308. ADC10SHTx bits allow_________cycles of the ADC10CLK.
a. 4
b. 8
c. 16
d. all of the mentioned
Que: 309. The input to the ADC10 is selected from_______bits of the ADC10CTL1 register?
a. INCHx
b. ADC10SC
c. ADC10ON
d. ENC
Que: 310. The basic idea behind the sigma delta converter is that
a. to carry out the conversion
b. to carry out communication
c. to reduce the circuit to its simplest way possible and then carry out the conversion
d. all of the mentioned
Que: 311. Sigma delta converter is a
a. 1 bit converter
b. 2 bit converter
c. 3 bit converter
d. 4 bit converter