Microcontroller set 4

Que: 31. Which out of the following instructions don’t affect the flags of the status register?
a. AND
b. INC
c. OR
d. ADD
Que: 32. What is the difference between the two given instructions?LDI R16,0x34 and LDI R16,$34
a. One copies the hexadecimal value to R16 and the other copies the decimal value to the R16 register
b. One is for command, other is for data
c. One is for assignment, other is for operations
d. Both the commands are the same
Que: 33. Which out of the following is not a directive?
a. .EQU
c. .ORG
d. .LDI
Que: 34. Is an assembly language a high level language?
a. Yes
b. No
c. can’t be said
d. None of the mentioned
Que: 35. A 14 bit program counter can execute a maximum of _________ memory locations?
a. 4K
b. 8K
c. 16K
d. 64K
Que: 36. When AVR wakes up, then the value of PC becomes?
a. 00H
b. 000H
c. 0000H
d. 00000H
Que: 37. Which of the following is correct about BRNE instruction in avr microcontrollers?
a. it is used to compare two registers
b. it is used to compare two values
c. it is used check the zero flag
d. it is used to jump to the given mentioned label when the zero flag accounts to 1
Que: 38. How many times is this loop going to get execute?LDI R20, 10now: LDI R21, 70DEC R21BRNE nowOUT PORTB, R20
a. 10
b. 70
c. 700
d. none of the mentioned
Que: 39. Which of the below mentioned are not the conditional jumps?
d. None of the mentioned
Que: 40. What is the relation between the target and the relative address?
a. target address= PC address + relative address.
b. target address= relation address*2
c. relative address= PC address + target address
d. none of the mentioned