Microcontroller set 8

Que: 71. Which of the following will generate the maximum time delay?
a. f/2
b. f/4
c. f/16
d. f/32
Que: 72. What is the difference in operation of a normal and a CTC mode of a timer?
a. in CTC mode PWM is used
b. here serial timer is monitored
c. here the contents are compared with the OCR register, if value becomes equal then only the timer is cleared
d. none of the mentioned
Que: 73. We can count the pulses on the positive or the negative edge triggered pulse of the clock?
c. can’t be determined
d. depends on the circumstances
Que: 74. Which pin is used for the input clock of the counter0?
a. PORTB.0
b. PORTB.1
c. PORTB.2
d. PORTB.3
Que: 75. Which resource provides clock pulse to AVR timers if CS02-00=6?
a. internal clock of the AVR
b. external clock of the AVR
c. none of the mentioned
d. all of the mentioned
Que: 76. On reset, what are the contents of the SREG register?
a. 00h
b. ffh
c. 1fh
d. 11h
Que: 77. TIMSK register is used for?
a. knowing the status of the timer count
b. used for masking the interrupts flags of the Timer0, Timer1 and Timer2
c. it is used for enabling all the timer interrupts
d. it is used for resetting the value of the interrupts
Que: 78. Why RETI instruction is used after an ISR?
a. because it returns with carry
b. because it returns to the main program with all the flags of the SREG raised
c. because it returns to the main program after clearing the roll over flag of the interrupt, so that the interrupt can be caused again
d. none of the mentioned
Que: 79. In AVR what is the ISR address for an external hardware interrupt?
a. 0002h
b. 0004h
c. 0006h
d. all of the mentioned
Que: 80. What is the address in the interrupt service routine assigned for the timer0 overflow flag?
a. 0012h
b. 000Ah
c. 0016h
d. all of the mentioned