Requirements Modeling set 8

Que: 72. Which of the following is not a Requirement Management workbench tool ?
a. RTM
c. Rational Suite
d. RDD 100
Que: 73. Which of the following is a requirement management activity ?
a. Investigation
b. Design
c. Construction and Test
d. All of the mentioned
Que: 74. What functionality of Requirement Management Tool (RMT) is depicted by the statement: “the tool should be able to automatically detect relations between artifacts. For example information retrieval techniques, monitoring of change history, naming schemas or model transformations.”
a. Automatic Link Detection
b. Documentation Support
c. Graphical Representation
d. Automatic Link Creation and Change
Que: 75. According to a statistical report: “over 30% of all software projects are cancelled before completion and over 70% of the remainder fail to deliver expected features”. What must be the reason for such a situation ?
a. Poor change management
b. Poor requirements management
c. Poor quality control
d. All of the mentioned
Que: 76. Which is not a step of Requirement Engineering?
a. Requirements elicitation
b. Requirements analysis
c. Requirements design
d. Requirements documentation
Que: 77. The process together the software requirements from Client, Analyze and Document is known as ______ .
a. Requirement engineering process
b. Requirement elicitation process
c. User interface requirements
d. Software system analyst
Que: 78. The interviews, which are held between two persons across the table is ______.
a. Written
b. Non-structured
c. Group
d. One-to-one
Que: 79. Which of these primary objectives have to be achieved for the requirement model?
a. To describe what the customer requires
b. To establish a basis for the creation of a software design
c. To define a set of requirements that can be validated once the software
d. All mentioned above
Que: 80. Abbreviate the term SRS.
a. Software Requirement Specification
b. Software Refining Solution
c. Software Resource Source
d. None of the above
Que: 81. During project inception the intent of the of the tasks are to determine
a. basic problem understanding
b. nature of the solution needed
c. people who want a solution
d. All of the above