Requirements Modeling set 9

Que: 82. Three things that make requirements elicitation difficult are problems of
a. scope
b. understanding
c. volatility
d. All of the above
Que: 83. The result of the requirements engineering elaboration task is an analysis model that defines which of the following problem domain(s)?
a. information
b. functional
c. behavioral
d. all of the above
Que: 84. The system specification describes the
a. Function, performance and constraints of a computer-based system
b. implementation of each allocated system
c. element software architecture
d. time required for system simulation
Que: 85. The best way to conduct a requirements validation review is to
a. examine the system model for errors
b. have the customer look over the requirements
c. send them to the design team and see if they have any concerns
d. use a checklist of questions to examine each requirement
Que: 86. The use of traceability tables helps to
a. debug programs following the detection of run-time errors
b. determine the performance of algorithm implementations
c. identify, control, and track requirements changes
d. none of the above
Que: 87. Which of the following is not one of the context-free questions that would be used during project inception?
a. What will be the economic benefit from a good solution?
b. Who is against this project?
c. Who will pay for the work?
d. Who will use the solution?
Que: 88. In collaborative requirements gathering, the facilitator
a. cannot be a member of the software team
b. cannot be a customer
c. controls and facilitates the process
d. must be an outsider
Que: 89. Which of the following is not one of the requirement classifications used in Quality Function Deployment (QFD)?
a. exciting
b. expected
c. mandatory
d. normal
Que: 90. The work products produced during requirement elicitation will vary depending on the
a. size of the budget
b. size of the product being built
c. software process being used
d. stakeholders needs
Que: 91. Delta requirement stands for
a. The delta version of a system
b. The SRS document prepared in delta from
c. Where specification of desired changes is sent to earlier version of a system
d. None of the above