Software Components set 6

51Que:Which of the following interface design principles does not allow the user to remain in control of the interaction with a computer?
a.allow interaction to interruptible
b.allow interaction to be undoable
c.hide technical internals from casual users
d.only provide one defined method for accomplishing a task
52Que:Which of the following interface design principles reduces the user’s memory load?
a.define intuitive shortcuts
b.disclose information in a progressive fashion
c.establish meaningful defaults
d.all of the above
53Que:Interface consistency implies that
a.each application should have its own distinctive look and feel
b.input mechanisms remain the same throughout the application
c.visual information is organized according to a design standard
d.both b and c
54Que:Which model depicts the image of a system that an end user creates in his or her head? model
b.user model
c.system model
d.system perception
55Que:Which model depicts the look and feel of the user interface along with all supporting information?
a.Implementation model
b.user model
c.user’s model
d.system perception
56Que:Which of these framework activities is not normally associated with the user interface design processes?
a.cost estimation
b.interface construction
c.interface validation
d.user and task analysis
57Que:Which approach(es) to user task analysis can be useful in user interface design?
a.have users indicate their preferences on questionnaires existing computer-based solutions
c.observe users performing tasks manually
d.both b and c
58Que:Several common design issues surface for almost every user interface including
a.adaptive user profiles
b.error handling resolution of graphics
c.response time
d.both b and c
59Que:User interface development systems typically provide several mechanisms for building interface prototypes including
a.code generation
b.input validation handlers
d.both b and c
60Que:Usability questionnaires are most meaningful to the interface designers when completed by
b.experienced programmers
c.product users
d.project managers