Software Components set 7

61Que:Several usability measures can be collected while observing users interacting with a computer system including
a.down time for the application
b.number of user errors
c.time spent looking at help materials
d.both b and c
62Que:Controls must be established in a system on order to
a.Verify that all data have been processed
b.Prohibit tampering with information by unauthorized person
c.The concurrent operation of an existing system and a new system
d.All of the above
63Que:One demerit of functional model is
a.It is complex to built
b.It is difficult to implement
c.If we change data structure we must modify all functions related to it
d.None of the above
64Que:Coupling is a measure of
a.Interdependence among module
b.Relative functional strength
c.Both of the above
d.None of the above
65Que:Informational cohesion is a realization of
b.concurrency abstraction
d.structured programming
66Que:The goal of modularization can be said to produce systems where the elements of each modular exhibit
a.logical or temporal binding
b.functional or informational cohesion
c.coincidental or informational cohesion
d.communicational or informational cohesion
67Que:The rating of coupling of modules for strongest (least desirable) to weakest (most desirable) are
a.common, content, control, stamp, data
b.content, common, control, stamp, data, control, common, stamp, content, common ,stamp, content, common
68Que:The goal of modularization can be said to be
a.control and data coupling between modules
b.common and stamp coupling between modules
c.control and content coupling between modules
d.produce systems that have stamp or data coupling between modules
69Que:The scale of cohesion from the weakest (least desirable) to the strongest (most desirable) are
a.informational, logical, temporal, sequential, functional
b.informational, functional,temporal, coincidental,sequential, logical
c.informational, temporal, logical, sequential, functional, coincidental
d.cofincidental, logical, temporal, communicational, sequential, functional, informational
70Que:Dheeraj decides to determine the cohesion of his module by writing a brief statement of its purpose. He finds words such as” Initialise” “Cleanup” refer to the operations ofher module. The type of cohesion exhibit by his module can be said to be
71Que:Harry decides to determine the cohesion of a module by writing a brief statement of its purpose.He finds it has compound statements containing commas or more than one verb. The module probably has
a.temporal or functional binding
b.cofincidental or functional binding
c.sequential or communicational binding
d.communicational or information binding
72Que:In functional decomposition, the data flow diagram ignored partitioned ,according to the logical “closeness” of the actigrams partitioned according to the “closeness” of the datagrams and data storage items
d.none of these
73Que:Which of the following is a medium for transporting the output of a system of the input of another system ?
d.Counter Measure