Software Testing set 11

101Que:Testing can only be initiated
a.from the design stage only
b.when the implementation is done
c.from the beginning of the project when planning is done
d.none of the above
102Que:Mr. X wants to find out if his program will execute forever if it runs. So he decides to test it
a.He has to be clever in the design of her test cases
b.He can find out the answer if she runs enough test cases
c.He may never be able to decide in a in finite amount of time if the program will execute forever
d.All of the above
103Que:Choose the correct statement
a.testing can always be exhaustive
b.testing can always find all the bugs
c.if we test enough then we can find all of the bugs
d.testing can show the presence of bugs but never their absence
104Que:Testing can
a.can be exhaustive
b.never be exhaustive
c.can always find the bug
d.None of the above
105Que:Testing is best done the designer the analyst the programmer an independent test team
106Que:Clinton wants to test his module where he had forgotten to initialize x If x = 0 then Write (“abnormal”) Else Write (“normal”); End if;
a.The tests will always given repeatable results
b.He will find the bug for all runs of the program
c.The tests he generates may give nonrepeatable results
d.None of the above
107Que:Errors may be found by “outsiders” during
a.beta testing
b.alpha testing
c.a structured walk through
d.all of these
108Que:A channel for communicating across a boundary between two or more subsystems is known as
b.interface path
d.walk through
109Que:A systems investigation may result from analysis investigation
b.a manager’s formal request
c.a scheduled systems review
d.all of these
110Que:Which of the following is not a characteristic of good test data ?
a.It should be comprehensive
b.Every statement should be executed
c.Users do not participate at this preliminary stage
d.Expected output from the modules execution should be determined manually