Software Testing set 14

131Que:Verification has a?
a.dynamic activities
b.subjective activities
c.static activities
d.objective activities
132Que:Validation occurs after verification
c.Can be true or false
d.Can’t Say
133Que:Which testing includes testing a software manually, i.e. without using any automated tool or any script?
a.Automation Testing
b.Client Testing
c.Manual Testing
d.All of the above
134Que:Which testing comes under manual testing?
a.Unit testing
b.integration testing
c.System testing
d.All of the above
135Que:Automation testing, which is also known as?
a.Test Design
b.Test Automation
c.Test Process
d.Automation Testing
136Que:Automation Testing is used to re-run the test scenarios that were performed manually, quickly, and repeatedly.
c.Can be true or false
d.Can’t Say
137Que:In which of the following type of testing, testing is done without planning and documentation?
a.Unit testing
c.Ad hoc testing
d.Regression testing
138Que:Which techniqe is applied for usability testing?
a.White box
b.Black box
c.Grey box
d.Green box
139Que:Which of the following is automation testing tool?
b.IBM Rational Functional Tester
d.All of the above
140Que:What is example of load testing?
a.Downloading large contents from the internet
b.Running multiple applications on a computer or server simultaneously
c.Generating a large amount of traffic on particular page
d.All of the above