Software Testing set 2

11Que:Abbreviate the term BSS.
a.Box Structure Specification
b.Box Statistical Specification
c.Box Statistical System
d.Box Structure Sampling
12Que:What is the testing to ensure the WebApp properly interfaces with other applications or databases?
13Que:What do you understand by V&V in software testing?
a.Verified Version
b.Version Validation
c.Verification and Validation
d.Version Verification
14Que:In static test techniques, behavioral and performance properties of the program are observed.
c.Can’t say
d.None of the above
15Que:Which granularity level of testing checks the behavior of module cooperation?
a.Unit Testing
b.Integration Testing
c.Acceptance Testing
d.Regression Testing
16Que:Which test refers to the retesting of a unit, integration and system after modification, in order to ascertain that the change has not introduced new faults?
a.Regression Test
b.Smoke Test
c.Alpha Test
d.Beta Test
17Que:Which of the following is a black box testing strategy?
a.All Statements Coverage
b.Control Structure Coverage
c.Cause-Effect Graphs
d.All Paths Coverage
18Que:A set of inputs, execution preconditions and expected outcomes is known as a
a.Test plan
b.Test case
c.Test document
d.Test Suite
19Que:In which test design each input is tested at both ends of its valid range and just outside its valid range?
a.Boundary value testing
b.Equivalence class partitioning
c.Boundary value testing AND Equivalence class partitioning
d.Decision tables
20Que:A white box test scales up well at different granularity levels of testing.
c.Can’t say
d.None of the above