Software Testing set 3

21Que:When does the testing process stops?
a.When resources (time and budget) are over
b.When some coverage is reached
c.When quality criterion is reached
d.Testing never ends
22Que:Which of the following is not a part of a test design document?
a.Test Plan
b.Test Design Specification
c.Test Case Specification
d.Test Log
23Que:Specifying a set of test cases or test paths for each item to be tested at that level is known as
a.Test case generation
b.Test case design
c.ALL of the mentioned
d.None of the mentioned
24Que:Acceptance & system test planning are a part of architectural design.
c.Can’t say
d.None of the above
25Que:Which of the following term describes testing?
a.Finding broken code
b.Evaluating deliverable to find errors
c.A stage of all projects
d.None of the mentioned
26Que:What is Cyclomatic complexity?
a.Black box testing
b.White box testing
c.Yellow box testing
d.Green box testing
27Que:Lower and upper limits are present in which chart?
a.Run chart
b.Bar chart
c.Control chart
d.None of the mentioned
28Que:Maintenance testing is performed using which methodology?
b.Sanity testing
c.Breadth test and depth test
d.Confirmation testing
29Que:White Box techniques are also classified as
a.Design based testing
b.Structural testing
c.Error guessing technique
d.None of the mentioned
30Que:Exhaustive testing is
a.always possible
b.practically possible
c.impractical but possible
d.impractical and impossible