Software Testing set 4

31Que:Which of the following is/are White box technique?
a.Statement Testing
b.Decision Testing
c.Condition Coverage
d.All of the mentioned
32Que:What are the various Testing Levels?
a.Unit Testing
b.System Testing
c.Integration Testing
d.All of the mentioned
33Que:Boundary value analysis belong to?
a.White Box Testing
b.Black Box Testing
c.White Box & Black Box Testing
d.None of the mentioned
34Que:Alpha testing is done at
a.Developer’s end
b.User’s end
c.Developer’s & User’s end
d.None of the mentioned
35Que:The testing in which code is checked
a.Black box testing
b.White box testing
c.Red box testing
d.Green box testing
36Que:Testing done without planning and Documentation is called
a.Unit testing
b.Regression testing
c.Adhoc testing
d.None of the mentioned
37Que:Acceptance testing is also known as
a.Grey box testing
b.White box testing
c.Alpha Testing
d.Beta testing
38Que:Which of the following is non-functional testing?
a.Black box testing
b.Performance testing
c.Unit testing
d.None of the mentioned
39Que:Beta testing is done at
a.User’s end
b.Developer’s end
c.User’s & Developer’s end
d.None of the mentioned
40Que:SPICE stands for
a.Software Process Improvement and Compatibility Determination
b.Software Process Improvement and Control Determination
c.Software Process Improvement and Capability Determination
d.None of the mentioned