Software Testing set 7

61Que:__________ methods can be used to drive validations tests.
a.Yellow-box testing
b.Black-box testing
c.White-box testing
d.All of the mentioned
62Que:Which of the following is a part of testing OO code?
a.Validation tests
b.Integration tests
c.Class tests
d.System tests
63Que:The object of ___________within an OO system is to design tests that have a high likelihood of uncovering plausible bugs.
a.Fault-based testing
b.Integration testing
c.Use-based testing
d.Scenario-based testing
64Que:What refers to the externally observable structure of an OO program?
a.Deep structure
b.Surface structure
c.Core structure
d.All of the mentioned
65Que:_____________ categorizes class operations based on the generic function that each performs.
a.Category-based partitioning
b.Attribute-based partitioning
c.State-based partitioning
d.None of the mentioned
66Que:Which of the following is black-box oriented and can be accomplished by applying the same black-box methods discussed for conventional software?
a.Conventional testing
b.OO system validation testing
c.Test case design
d.Both Conventional testing and OO system validation testing
67Que:In which of the following testing strategies, a smallest testable unit is the encapsulated class or object?
a.Unit testing
b.Integration testing
c.System testing
d.None of the mentioned
68Que:Which of the following testing types is not a part of system testing?
a.Recovery testing
b.Stress testing
c.System testing
d.Random testing
69Que:What is testing proces’s first goal?
a.Bug prevention
70Que:Software mistakes during coding are known as