Software Testing set 8

71Que:Name an evaluation technique to assess the quality of test cases.
a.Mutation analysis
d.Performance analysis
72Que:Test should be conducted for every possible
d.all of the mentioned
73Que:Which of the following is not a part of bug report?
a.Test case
c.Software Version
74Que:Which of the following is not a part of Execution Flow during debugging?
a.Step Over
b.Step Into
c.Step Up
d.Step Out
75Que:Cyclomatic Complexity method comes under which testing method.
a.Yellow box
b.White box
c.Gray box
d.Black box
76Que:Which is a black box testing technique appropriate to all levels of testing?
a.Acceptance testing
b.Regression testing
c.Equivalence partitioning
d.Quality assurance
77Que:Which of the following is the way of ensuring that the tests are actually testing code?
a.Control structure testing
b.Complex path testing
c.Code coverage
d.Quality assurance of software
78Que:Effective testing will reduce _______ cost.
79Que:Which of the following is a common pointer problem?
a.Data sharing errors
b.Accessing data elements of the wrong type
c.Attempting to use memory areas after freeing them
d.All of the mentioned
80Que:Standard Enforcer is a
a.Static Testing Tool
b.Dynamic Testing
c.Static & Dynamic Testing
d.None of the mentioned