Software Testing set 9

81Que:Many applications using static analysis find 0.1-0.2% NCSS. NCSS stands for
a.Non-Code Source Statement
b.Non Comment Source Sentence
c.Non-Comment Source Statement
d.All of the mentioned
82Que:Which testing tool does a simple job of enforcing standards in a uniform way of many programs?
a.Static Analyzer
b.Code Inspector
c.Standard Enforcer
d.Both Code Inspector & Standard Enforcer
83Que:Software Testing with real data in real environment is known as
a.alpha testing
b.beta testing
c.regression testing
d.none of the mentioned
84Que:Which of the following testing tools examine program systematically & automatically ?
a.Code Inspector
b.Static Analyzer
c.Standard Enforcer
d.Coverage Analyzer
85Que:Which testing tool is responsible for documenting programs ?
a.Test/File Generator
b.Test Harness System
c.Test Archiving Systems
d.Coverage Analyzer
86Que:Beta Testing is done by
d.All of the mentioned
87Que:Standard enforcer tool looks at the whole program.
c.Can’t say
d.None of the above
88Que:Debugging Program is a program which runs concurrently with the program under test & provide commands to
a.examine memory & registers
b.stop execution at a particular point for references for particular variables, constant and registers
d.all of the mentioned
89Que:Execution Verifier is a dynamic tool that is also known as
a.Test File Generator
b.Coverage Analyzer
c.Output Comparator
d.Test Harness System
90Que:The mistakes, committed by intercharging two digits in a numeic ield, during data enty, is called
a.Beta testing error
b.Transcription error
c.Alpha testing error
d.Transposition error